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Make Each Click Count Hosted By Andy Splichal

Make Each Click Count Hosted By Andy Splichal

The Make Each Click Count podcast features expert guests and insights that provide actionable advice for growing your online business. Discover how to accelerate your sales and profits while making sure you are getting the absolute most from your online marketing.

Listen to the Make Each Click Count podcast as Andy interviews industry experts that provide strategies, techniques, and methods for effectively increasing conversion rates, online sales, and profit margins with the mission of helping you grow your eCommerce business.

Recent Episodes

Email/SMS Marketing Engagement Growth Strategies

Growing Your eCommerce Business Through SMS Texting With Osa Gaius

July 1, 2022

This episode features Osa Gaius, the Founder & CEO of Parrot, a leading eCommerce texting expert and mobile experience wizard who helps eCommerce businesses increase revenue and customer service retention with texting. Osa d…

Business Success Stories Selling On Amazon

$100 to Seven Figures with Robyn Johnson

June 24, 2022

This episode features Robyn Johnson, the CEO of Marketplace Blueprint. She is one of the country’s foremost leaders in selling and marketing products on She initially started her business with $100 at a garage sa…

Engagement Improving Customer Experience

A Technology That Predicts What Your Customers Will Buy Next with Shanif Dhanani

June 17, 2022

This episode features Shanif Dhanani, the co-founder & CEO of Apteo. Apteo helps e-commerce brands personalize their marketing campaigns by predicting what their customers will buy next. Discover Shanif’s thoughts on predict…

Digital Marketing Engagement Improving Customer Experience

Personalizing User Interactions With Quizzes & More with Gen Furukawa

June 10, 2022

This episode features Gen Furukawa, the Co-Founder of Prehook. He shares how they drive sales and engagement with an e-commerce quiz. He discusses the shoppers who are receptive to quizzes and the right data needed to obtain…

Digital Marketing Facebook Advertising

Growing Your eCommerce Business Through Facebook Advertising

June 3, 2022

This episode features Konstantinos Doulgeridis, the author of The Power To Sell Anything: Create and Scale To A 7+ Figure E-Commerce Business Using Facebook and Instagram Ads. Find out why Konstantinos thinks that Facebook i…

Google Analytics Growth Strategies Measuring & Analyzing

Using Your Website Data To Find The Actions That Will Move The Needle With JJ Reynolds

May 27, 2022

This episode features JJ Reynolds of Mediaunthentic. He first started working in the field of marketing as a videographer who would create marketing videos and other assets. Discover the keys to identify what is and what isn…

About the Host

Andy Splichal Profile Photo

Andy Splichal

Founder & Managing Partner True Online Presence | Author Make Each Click Count Book Series

The Make Each Click Count podcast is hosted by Andy Splichal, the acclaimed author of the Make Each Click Count Book Series, the Founder & Managing Partner of True Online Presence and the Founder of Make Each Click Count University. Andy was named to The Best of Los Angeles Award's Most Fascinating 100 List in both 2020 and 2021.