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July 16, 2021

Taking Your Business Virtual In 2021 - Maddy Martin

Taking Your Business Virtual In 2021 - Maddy Martin

This week's guest, Maddy Martin, is the VP of Marketing at – a virtual receptionist company focused on helping small businesses excel and outperform.

Have you ever considered outsourcing answering your inbound calls, outbound calls or chat?

A definite consideration for small business who lack the capacity to bring in a full time receptionist or larger companies who want to catch overflower or offer 24 hours service.

Don't let your customers go to voice mail. Instead discover the difference between a virtual receptionist and a virtual call center (it's important). In addition, hear about what type of tasks you can outsource freeing your time to focus on growth oriented tasks.

In addition, this episode discusses why you should avoid paying inbound phone answering services by the minute as well as the white glove chat service that is available at

Episode Action Items:

To learn more about Maddy Martin and, you can visit Receive a $100 discount on your first month when you use code 'makeeachclickcount'.


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