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April 1, 2022

Tips For Launching An eCommerce Business In 2022 With Chloe Thomas

Tips For Launching An eCommerce Business In 2022 With Chloe Thomas

This episode features guest Chloe Thomas, the founder of eCommerce MasterPlan, a best-selling author, international and keynote speaker, and host of the award-winning eCommerce MasterPlan podcast.

Listen as Chloe talks about the pros and cons of launching an eCommerce business in 2022, what eCommerce platform she would use and what she might sell. She also talks about how and why she would perform market research offline before ever launching an eCommerce business and what you do with the feedback you receive.

In this episode, Chloe also goes into detail on whether or not she would recommend selling products on Amazon or first working to establish brand identity and why free shipping is the new normal in online shopping and what you need to think about to incorporate into your own business and where she would suggest to start advertising when first launching your online store.

Finally, Chloe details the keys to growing a business and where you need to focus your time if you want to be successful when first launching your store.

Episode Action Items:

To find more information about Chloe, visit where you can find information on Chloe's books, podcast and summit.


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