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March 5, 2021

Using The Law of Attraction In Your Life With Andrew Kap

Using The Law of Attraction In Your Life With Andrew Kap
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In this episode, Andy interviews Andrew Kap author of The Last Law of Attraction Book You’ll Ever Need To Read.

Listen as Andrew explains how he and many others have transformed their life in terms of how to attract and manifest money, relationships, health and success.

Andrew has sold more than 50,000 copies of his best-selling book. Listen and discover what the Law of Attraction is and tips on using that have the ability to dramatically improve your everyday life.

Episode Action Items:

Visit Andrew Kapp's YouTube Channel at 


Andy Splichal is the World's Foremost Expert on Ecommerce Growth Strategies. He is the acclaimed author of the Make Each Click Count Book Series, the Founder & Managing Partner of True Online Presence and the Founder of Make Each Click Count University. Andy was named to The Best of Los Angeles Award's Most Fascinating 100 List in both 2020 and 2021.

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Andy Splichal  0:02  

Welcome to the Make Each Click Count Podcast. This is your host, Andy Splichal. And today I'm being joined by a special guest who has written a very insightful and popular book. This guest is an experienced entrepreneur and the author of the best selling book The Last Law of Attraction You’ll Ever Need To Read. He has helped 1000s of entrepreneurs to discover how to attract and manifest money, relationships, health and success that they're dreaming of. A big welcome to Andrew Kap. Hi, Andrew.


Andrew Kap  1:23  

Hey, Andy, thanks so much for having me. I guess neither of us will have to worry about remembering each other's first name, right?


Andy Splichal  1:29  

You know, if I do, I'm in trouble.


Andrew Kap  1:34  

It's really good to chat with you. Thank you so much for having me on. I really appreciate it.


Andy Splichal  1:37  

Yeah, you're welcome. I'm excited to have you. Now before we dive into today's topic, which is using the law of attraction in your life, let's hear a little bit of your backstory and what ultimately led you to doing what you're doing right now.


Andrew Kap  1:51  

Yeah, absolutely. This, this will be my challenge to make sure this is not a 20 minute answer for you. So I'm going to try to do in split like the Spaceballs the short, short, short version, but we'll see how well I do here. I actually I learned about law of attraction, probably 1617 years. I mean, it's all big blurs 2004, we'll see how my math is. And I was just doing that as an entrepreneur looking for positive mindset and positive modalities, so that I can do better in my life in business, I was just trying to find my way to success. And funnily enough, you know, didn't like seem like a very reliable thing. It seemed kind of inconsistent, I had some successes, I had some failures. But overall, I wasn't really sure if it was going to work each and every time. And that kind of persisted for a couple of years, until finally like 2008, I hit this wall where I lost my business and my girlfriend of three years, all in one week. And you know, it was like brutal breakup, she like broke up over text, and something's got to change. And this law of attraction thing kind of seemed to us to work beforehand. So I don't care what happens when it happens, how it happens, any of that, I'm just going to go all in with this thing, and see what happens once and for all. And that's really just nice, just going in for like five or 10 minutes a day, with a simple gratitude or visualization exercise, nothing big. And the results were honestly miraculous. Like, within two weeks, I feel better, which is saying a lot with a broken heart. Within three months, I'm over my ex and in a completely brand new, better relationship. Within four months, I'm making more money than at any point in my life before then. And within six months, like everything's different. I'm in the best shape of my life. I'm waking up happy and fulfilled. And I didn't learn from a book or from a video or someone else I just learned through my own life experience that whatever this thing is, it works when you work it.


Andy Splichal  3:38  

Now how you said, I mean, you it was kind of self taught, but how were you even introduced to the law of attraction theory? 


Andrew Kap  3:46  

Yeah, so that part wasn't I mean, I wasn't self taught. And I, you know, I was self practice. But I first learned about the law of attraction, probably through this big call this book called As a Man Thinketh. And I think the author's name is James Allen, if I'm not, it's funny, I don't remember the name of the author. It's just that made such an impression. And you know, I read books like Think and Grow Rich, I just read those different pieces. And I don't even remember the actual book that said, the law of attraction to this day. I just remember that being part of like the hodgepodge of stuff I was learning in in those years. And, you know, obviously, it kind of stuck out it's a very interesting distinctive phrase, and didn't take long before I was like, you know, testing out and tinkering with it. 


Andy Splichal  4:32  

Grow Great. Now, speaking of books, I see your book has gotten a ton of publicity. It's been featured in a few high profile magazines as well as sought announcement you just sold over 50,000 copies. Have you have you been surprised with the success of your book?


Andrew Kap  4:49  

You know, it's it's weird, and I don't know. I've been very grateful. Like when it's so funny, because when I wrote I wrote this book over the course of like nine and a half weeks, it was like this big We're over the summer in 2019, just like writing it out. And every day that I was writing a chapter, I would have the title of the book up, there's, you know, the last law of attraction book you'll ever need to read. I mean, what? What a goal, right? What a promise, right. And I just remember already being in this mode of like, this book is going to help people. It was kind of like just part of my reality, I never put a number on sales of what I want today. So I don't know if surprise is the right word. But But humble gratitude, I will definitely chalk up there because I am blown away by you know, the responses I get from people in the emails, letting me know that they're using this so powerfully in their lives. It's just, it's unbelievable.


Andy Splichal  5:43  

You know, speaking, speaking of that title, The Last Law of Attraction book you'll ever need to read. I love that title. Thank you. Where did you? Where did you pull that title from?


Andrew Kap  5:54  

You know, it's funny, I've, I've been a copywriter. In the past, you know, I've done marketing things of that nature. So, I mean, I know, I know how to get attention. But the whole thing was the point of this book, it was supposed to be it's within understanding that you know, whether it's law of attraction, or whether it's weight loss, or whether it's some other thing in our life, oftentimes, we go into overconsumption mode, and under implementation mode. And so I basically wanted to write the book that finally held up the mirror to people that it's like, Listen, you know what this thing is, and let me show you why you haven't been doing it consistently, even though you're on board with it. And this, basically, I want to give you enough per self permission for yourself, to try this long enough to get a result, so that it's not even me or the book that teaches you it's your own life experience. So it kind of like, you know, I was thinking like, what kind of wording could I use that went with that? And it's like, let me just make this bold promise in this bold statement, and simultaneously make this a challenge to myself to live up to and hopefully meet the expectations of the reader that they have going in with such a bold title.


Andy Splichal  7:00  

Yeah, no, I love it. I, you know, you see some phrases, the ultimate is the ultimate that is what picks in my mind where it's so overused. But this title, The Last Law of Attraction, I mean, it's a great title. So thank you, right, right off the bat, the first 10 words, or whatever that is. Now, if somebody's not familiar with the law of attraction, and I know, you know, you have a 200 plus page book here, but can you take just a few minutes to explain the principle of it?


Andrew Kap  7:30  

Oh, absolutely. It's so funny, I put up a channel my a video on my YouTube channel that I explained it in like 60 seconds. So it's always a challenge to try to live up to that standard. Okay, so All right, 60 seconds, we'll see how I do. So we'll put it this way. If you look at your hand, under a microscope, it's not actually solid, the way your senses perceive it to be solid, it's actually vibrating. Everything around us that science will show you is vibration, we're all vibrating at different frequencies. And when I say us, I mean everything, you your thoughts, the world around you everything. It's one big energetic soup. And just you know, but by the way it works is like attracts like, like vibrations attract, like vibrations. So the law of attraction is just a way of saying that what you think about will come into your life. Now to break the 62nd barrier, what we're talking about, here's like, let's say that you're thinking about a job promotion all the time. Obviously, like, in theory, you're gonna get that job promotion. But a lot of people say, Well, I've been thinking of my job promotion for a year, Andrew, how come? It's not coming? And I asked them Well, are you thinking about it with a sense of enthusiasm and anticipation and excitement? Or are you thinking about it with a sense of dread and impatience and frustration, and doubt and uncertainty, because how you feel dependent actually determines or at least tells you whether you're actually thinking about the thing that you want, and inviting it in, or thinking about the lack of what you want and not realizing it. And really just reinforcing that vibration and that signal and that reality for yourself.


Andy Splichal  8:57  

Interesting. Now, when I was reading this book, I saw a lot of similarities with other motivational books. For example, creating a personal mission statement, which I first saw suggested in the seven effective  Habits of Highly Effective People by by Dr. Stephen Covey, or to some of the philosophies by defining defining your whys kind of similar to start with why by Simon Sinek, or even goal setting and tracking your goals which is promoted heavily by Zig Ziglar, among many others. How would you say that the law of attraction is the same and is different than some of these theories?


Andrew Kap  9:34  

Well, I mean, there's two things. One, there's more than two things we're talking about here. I mean, we're talking about the law of attraction. We're also talking about how it's presented. So like the thing about goal setting as an example, goal setting can either be useful or detrimental depending on how you treat that goal. Or let's say, I set a goal that I'm going to be a millionaire in seven days. That's a lot of added pressure to put on myself right now. out. So probably, I mean, maybe I'll be lucky. And I'm putting out that thought, and I'm actually enthusiastic about it. But most people, as each day, crawls closer and closer to that, quote, unquote, deadline, and they're not a millionaire, yet, there's more stress and more of a focus on lack. So I mean, law of attraction, just as this thing that, you know, you're either focusing on what you want, are you focusing on what you don't want. And through the focus of one way or another, you're inviting that in. So I think that these things would, you know, some people would say, set a mission statement, I don't I don't use mission statement, although I would say make a list of what you want. Some people will talk about goals, all these things are really ways by which you are focusing on what you want, or the lack of what you want. So it really becomes a question of how can you be strategic to make sure that you are focusing on what you want, with a lot of ease with less stress with less resistance, so that you can actually invite better experiences, better experiences into your life more consistently.


Andy Splichal  10:55  

Okay, great. Now, like I said, I just finished the book last week. And by the way, I thought it was fantastic. 


Andrew Kap  11:02  

Thank you


Andy Splichal  11:03  

Let me tell you what I got out of the book, set goals, keep positive, be grateful, write it down, visualize your success, don't get in your way and believe it will work. Am I on some kind of right path?


Andrew Kap  11:19  

Well, there's two pieces where I would go a little bit different. We'll just in terms of the setting goals, I would say set a goal if it feels good. Like if it feels good to set a goal and the goal is believable. Or if it feels then then you are on your way. But like for me, like when I went through that situation where I invited everything in my life, I was more of the attitude of like, I don't care how it happens, or when it happens. I'm just leaving that open invitation. So one thing we want to keep in mind is the level of generality or specificity, you want to kind of hit the sweet spot, as soon as it feels bad, or it feels doubtful, then you know, you're on the wrong path. So I want to say that regarding goals regarding just believe also, the thing is beliefs will reinforce this and invite more things in. Although I'd argue, if you don't believe just by going to gratitude, which was one of the things that you mentioned, if people find a way of consistently feeling gratitude, they will automatically be conditioning their mind and their subconscious mind for success. And that will basically help cultivate beliefs, and a healthier outlook that then kind of in its own indirect way, ends up inviting those good things that they want.


Andy Splichal  12:27  

I see. I see, let me tell you a quick I don't know I don't know where your your book, I'm sure and you probably don't believe in coincidences. But the day before I started reading your book, a friend of mine, Craig Valene, who was a guest pass guest on the podcast sent me as a thank you a live in gratitude journal. And, you know, the next day I was scheduled to start reading your your book for the for the party interview here. Crazy coincidence, right?


Andrew Kap  12:59  

Wonderful synchronicity. And, you know, it's funny, because here's the thing, this happens all the time, the difference with you, Andy's, you noticed it. But this stuff happens with people all the time, it all comes down to where their focus is I what an awesome thing that just as he's kind of like putting pointing you in that direction, that in addition to that, there's another resource that's reinforcing that what a cool sequence of events to, I guess, introduce that a little bit more powerfully into what you're doing with your day.


Andy Splichal  13:26  

Sure, sure. And I think you made another great point right there that stuff like this happens probably a lot more than we pay attention or notice.


Andrew Kap  13:36  

Yeah, yeah. And it's funny, because I mean, obviously, I'm this guy who wrote this law of attraction book. But I often like to explain, like, you know, even if you don't believe in the law of attraction, there, there is value here, there's something to be done. Because there's also just the power of your subconscious mind. There's the power of your reticulating act, your reticular activating system, which I don't mention in the book, but just because, you know, we're talking about, you know, noticing stuff versus not noticing stuff. If you you know, if you want to get a Mustang, you decide you want to get a Ford Mustang. You know, as you start shopping online and trying to determine features, you're gonna start noticing that car on the road more, and is it the universe is attraction? Is it your subconscious mind, or maybe it's just a combination of them. But the fact is, things kind of play out the way they're going to play out when you put your focus in a certain direction. In fact, a way I love to explain it to people again, especially people that just aren't on board with this is I kind of liken it to lifting weights to get muscles, which is obviously a very oversimplified thing, but you know, you think about it, you you lift weights, and you get muscles. Now, I have two possible explanations as to how that's actually going to work. Explanation number one is you lift weights and you go to bed at night and the muscle fairy comes and poof. When you wake up next day, you've got muscles. Explanation number two is when you're lifting weights, you're putting so much stress on your body, that your muscles are actually tearing in little areas that your body then responds to healing it by filling in those gaps with more muscle fiber. That's probably butchered explanation. But it's also probably the way that people would go if I said, which is the way? But ultimately the my answer is it doesn't matter which the answer is, all that matters is you lift weights, you get muscles, you put it, you put an x, you get y. And by that same token, whether or not you believe in the law of attraction, if you engage in gratitude or visualization, ex exercises on a consistent basis, and you actually enjoy them, results by hook or by crook will come. And you don't even need to credit law of attraction. You need to credit me or my book or the universe or anything, but hopefully at least you will identify that you doing this thing, or this process led to this result in some way, shape or form, which will hopefully inspire you to keep doing it for yourself.


Andy Splichal  15:39  

That's great. Now, I've been claimed to take a quick break. I've been playing a game with my guest. Are you up for playing the game with me?


Andrew Kap  15:47  

Absolutely. Let's do it.


Andy Splichal  15:49  

Okay, cool. So the game goes like this. It's a word association game. So I say a word and you respond right away with the first word that pops in your head. So to start with, I'll give you a couple of common and then we'll run into some business terms. So you're ready? 


Andrew Kap  16:02  



Andy Splichal  16:03  

Okay. Run


Andrew Kap  16:05  



Andy Splichal  16:06  



Andrew Kap  16:07  



Andy Splichal  16:08  



Andrew Kap  16:11  



Andy Splichal  16:12  

 Okay, now shifting to a few different business terms.  Business?


Andrew Kap  16:20  

It's so funny. You said that business but that same word popped up business.


Andy Splichal  16:25  



Andrew Kap  16:27  



Andy Splichal  16:28  



Andrew Kap  16:30  



Andy Splichal  16:31  



Andrew Kap  16:33  



Andy Splichal  16:34  



Andrew Kap  16:38  

Well, the word yell popped in that wasn't the word I want to say. But yell popped in.


Andy Splichal  16:43  



Andrew Kap  16:45  



Andy Splichal  16:46  



Andrew Kap  16:48  



Andy Splichal  16:50  



Andrew Kap  16:52  



Andy Splichal  16:54  



Andrew Kap  16:57  



Andy Splichal  16:59  

 High performance


Andrew Kap  17:00  



Andy Splichal  17:02  

Cool. Well, I mean, there's no wrong answers. I just love to get where your mind yet especially somebody who, who believes in the law of attraction. You know, speaking of how have you used the law of attraction in your own mind?


Andrew Kap  17:14  

Hmm. You know, it's funny. I mean, I go with it every day, believe it or not? Well, I mean, obviously, we got, you know, the well, just by sticking with it, but you don't just like this.


Andy Splichal  17:29  

Sorry, sorry, I lost you there.


Andrew Kap  17:31  

No problem. So I'll, I'll start over. Sorry about that, Andy. Obviously, you know, that situation where, you know, for a couple of months in my comeback of my life, basically, I was using it very well. But also, like, even, I think in the success of the book, because again, I not that I set out to do like, you know, 50,000 books in one year or anything like that, I did set out an intention that the book would have an impact. And even in the book, you might I'm not sure if you remember, I did a couple of scripting examples. And one of which was where I said, you know, how great the book is doing, and all the four and five star rave reviews and all those pieces. Like even in that I was kind of like scripting out and inviting that reality. So I kind of use it every day, and just in terms of my expression of gratitude for the book and the business and, and my customers, but also just in terms of growing friendships, and relationships with people as well.


Andy Splichal  18:21  

Okay, great. Now, was there a single book or a book or two that has inspired you on your journey? Besides it besides your own of course?


Andrew Kap  18:30  

Well, the you know, even before As a Man Thinketh, the book that actually taught me about that just, you know, the power of positive thought, or really, the power of thought, in general, was a book called What to say when you talk to yourself by Shad Helmstetter. And wasn't about law of attraction at all, but it was it was about the power of the mind. And it all really bleeds together. And it's very, very interesting in a whole new perspective. And it just shifted my paradigm, in a way I never would have imagined and it kind of led me on that path of, of what learning what I've learned and doing what I've done in my life so far.


Andy Splichal  19:02  

Great. I'll have to check out that book. Hey, do you have maybe a couple of favorite success stories you can share from from readers of your book that have sent in?


Andrew Kap  19:11  

Yeah, well, you know, one, one of my readers, I actually I, because of her success story, I interviewed her for my YouTube channel. She was um, she was a in sales, and she kind of thought her, her job was going to end because like, nothing was happening. And she read my book. And then she went into my 90 day course, which is basically me, walking people through the techniques so that they can kind of have support and building up their momentum. And everything just shifted around for her and basically got to the point where anything less than $100,000 in sales every month wasn't even, you know, a glimpse of her reality like she was always at that bare minimum. And then she also later updated me afterwards that she bought her dream home. And I think it got like a $200,000 month or something like that. So obviously from that, from that standpoint, I got that and I couldn't give personal details about certain people, but I get emails from people like, you know, though, my book isn't the credit. I mean, it's all them, but they will use it as an excuse or as inspiration to like, you know, they got out of an abusive relationship. And more people just really having, you know, big wins and little wins and just kind of like seeing life in a brand new way. That's, that's kind of like the the success stories I've gotten. Some people get like, super specific, and some people just describe that they're feeling better in their day. So however, details I get in those emails, they blow me away every single time.


Andy Splichal  20:33  

Great. So if somebody wanted to order your book wants to read your book, where is the best place to get it from?


Andrew Kap  20:39  

Yeah, thanks for asking. I mean, it's on Amazon, I have a link that auto forwards to the Amazon listing, which is just And, you know, it's on Kindle, it's on Paperback. It's on Audiobooks. So that's the easiest way to get there, if people want to go that way.


Andy Splichal  20:56  

And if somebody wants to connect with you beyond the book, what can they do that or?


Andrew Kap  21:01  

Yeah, yeah, I mean, like, and easily honestly, like, if they don't even want to pull out their wallets, I invite them to go to my YouTube channel, which is I mean, you know, YouTube, you know, there's a link there for the email address, I would suggest that before even like reaching out to me, they probably just want to consume and enjoy the content. But you know, YouTube ads that way by which they can email me if they want. But it's my hope, whether they buy the book, or they just consume the the YouTube content for free, that something there resonates with them and gives them a new way of seeing things and hopefully puts them on a path of adding gratitude to their life. Because for me, that's the whole thing, it just comes down to just five minutes of gratitude per day, just to you know, get a little momentum going and help reset you and put you in the right direction.


Andy Splichal  21:45  

So you had mentioned your YouTube Channel for some additional content, what what kind of content are you're offering on there? 


Andrew Kap  21:51  

Yeah, so lots of different things on there. Like I have a couple, you know, like eight or 10 minute videos, where I'll teach new techniques, or I'll answer questions that people have sent in about, you know, using law of attraction, the best way, I also have a couple of interviews with some law of attraction people that are a little bit longer. So there's a lot of variety. And I've also, you know, people want to listen, I, I put up a gratitude meditation up there recently called the Rainforest. So, you know, people just want a nice, brief introduction just to experiencing that, you know, they go on the YouTube Channel, they close their eyes, or they they hit play, they close their eyes, and hopefully enjoy the meditations well.


Andy Splichal  22:25  

Great. I will check that out. And I'll also put a link in the show notes here. 


Andrew Kap  22:30  



Andy Splichal  22:30  

That's all I had. Did you, was there anything I obviously missed in our interview?


Andrew Kap  22:34  

No, I mean, this is pretty thorough. Thank you so much for your questions. I mean, I guess I would say like the the Go away message, at least from my standpoint, is, you know, we can all pay lip service to doing gratitude for just five minutes a day. But I guarantee you, if you just try it out, you might be really pleasantly surprised. And the best part is, let's say the law of attraction isn't even like a real thing. It isn't really reliable. That five minutes a day that you give yourself, it's just going to be good for your you know, your body chemistry for your mental state, just you know, something where you get a five minute break from whatever stresses that might be bothering you usually. And you know, studies will show like, you know, to improve sleep increases confidence reduces anxiety. So, give yourself the gift of taking five minutes a day to think about things that you're grateful for. And watch what unfolds, you really might be pleasantly surprised.


Andy Splichal  23:22  

So to cut to the chase, you're saying I should use this gratitude journal I go?


Andrew Kap  23:26  

Yes, that's that's actually why I want to have this long conversation. Andy, I just want you on board with that dive in. And thank you friend because he actually he gave he did you a huge service by, you know, giving you that his grat that gratitude journal of yours. It's going to serve you really, really well.


Andy Splichal  23:43  

Awesome. Well, fair enough. Well, that is it for today. Remember, if you liked this episode, please go to Apple podcasts and leave an honest review. And if you're looking for more information regarding Andrew Kap and his book, The last law of attraction book you'll ever need to read. You can contact Andrew through his YouTube Channel, find his book on Amazon, and links last be in the show notes. In addition, for those of you out there using Google ads, I'll be starting my new Google Shopping simplified law course on March 9. For more information on that you can go to To learn more, and see how you can grow your business using Google Shopping. In the meantime, remember to stay safe keep healthy and happy marketing and I will talk to you in the next episode.