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Nov. 19, 2021

Finding Your Niche With Bruce Irving of Smart Pizza Marketing

Finding Your Niche With Bruce Irving of Smart Pizza Marketing

This episode features guest Bruce Irving, the marketing visionary behind Smart Pizza Marketing and the host of the Smart Pizza Marketing podcast.

Listen as Andy discusses with Bruce how to find your niche in businesses and how you can become the go to expert in that niche. In addition, they discuss why you should use forms of media that your competitors may not yet have embraced.

Should every business be on every platform? Bruce says no. Instead find out where your customers are at and learn how to use those platforms to find new customers. Be consistent on delivering content because it is consistency over time that makes social media work.

Within this episode, they also discuss why using your phone works when producing content for social media and why you shouldn't overthink it. Instead see what resonates with your customers and do more of it!

As a final tip Bruce says, "don't use marketing lingo when selling inside your nice it is a dead giveaway of an outsider".

Episode Action Items:

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