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May 7, 2021

Keys To Growing Your eCommerce Business With Lucas Walker

Keys To Growing Your eCommerce Business With Lucas Walker

This episode features Lucas Walker of the Rolled Up Podcast Network. Discover what he considers to be the "pillars" of business and how you can use these "pillars" to grow your business.

Within the episode Keys To Growing Your eCommerce Business, Andy and Lucas discuss whether your business is really logistics based or is it marketing base. The answer is both but learn why you need to consider both when growing your business.

Episode Action Items:

You can connect with Lucas Walker at and request a FREE tune up from the Pit Crew.


Andy Splichal - Make Each Click Count PodcastAndy Splichal, who was recently named to the Best of Los Angeles Awards’ 2021 Fascinating 100 List, is the founder and managing partner of True Online Presence, author of the Make Each Click Count book series and founder of Make Each Click Count University. He is a certified online marketing strategist with twenty plus years of experience and counting helping companies increase their online presence and profitable revenues. To find more information on Andy Splichal, visit or read The Full Story on his blog,

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