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Feb. 5, 2021

Success Loves Clarity With Craig Valine

Success Loves Clarity With Craig Valine

In this episode, Andy interviews Craig Valine, Marketing Performance Strategist and Founder of EMP Alliance.

Listen as Craig Valine shares how improving a company's clarity can lead to greater success. In addition, find out exactly how to define your clarity in order to grow your business. 

Going beyond the subject of clarity, Craig discusses the 5 sources of power and how these sources can be used to substantially grow your business.

About Craig Valine:

Over the past 25+ years, Craig has helped hundreds of businesses reach their goals in the fastest time possible by revealing to them, what he calls, "hidden" marketing assets and overlooked opportunities for profit that lie dormant within their business. His passion is in helping you reach your business goals without you having to spend a lot more on marketing & advertising.

Episode Action Items:

You can reach Craig Valine connect with Craig and his EMP Alliance Membership at or contact him via email at


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