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June 29, 2020

Wrangling Up Your Customer Lifetime Value

Wrangling Up Your Customer Lifetime Value

When evaluating the success of your advertising, you typically look at key metrics such as ROAS (return on ad spend) or ROI (return on investment). These metrics are both important when calculating the success of your paid advertising although they do not provide advertisers with the full picture in terms of profitability.

There is another important advertising metric that is often overlooked, yet important to calculate when evaluating the profitability of your advertsiing. It is the CLTV or Customer Lifetime Value.

In this episode, Andy Splichal discusses the formula for increasing CLTV for both professional service and eCommerce businesses through two recent experiences.


Andy Splichal - Make Each Click Count PodcastAndy Splichal, who was recently named to the Best of Los Angeles Awards’ 2021 Fascinating 100 List, is the founder and managing partner of True Online Presence, author of the Make Each Click Count book series and founder of Make Each Click Count University. He is a certified online marketing strategist with twenty plus years of experience and counting helping companies increase their online presence and profitable revenues. To find more information on Andy Splichal, visit or read The Full Story on his blog,

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