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Nov. 12, 2021

Effectively Using Video Within Your Business With Caleb Maxwell

Effectively Using Video Within Your Business With Caleb Maxwell

This episode features guest Caleb Maxwell of Hebron Films. Discover why all businesses should be using some form of video within their business and how a business can figure out exactly what type of videos they need for the 'biggest bang for the buck'.

Worried about the costs of creating a video? Then, you need to focus on the ROI of videos and how to determine if videos are providing a profitable return on investment.

This episode also explores the different metrics including engagement which are important when measuring the success of using video.

Finally, listen as Caleb reveals the one thing that audiences will not forgive when it comes to your video (hint, it may not be what you think) and why his company uses strategy before beginning to create their clients’ videos.

Episode Action Items:

You can find more information regarding Caleb Maxwell or connect with Hebron Films by visiting


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