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Jan. 13, 2023

High Impact Marketing Strategies For The New Year With Daniel James

High Impact Marketing Strategies For The New Year With Daniel James

This episode features Daniel James, the CEO of mint performance marketing. He has been involved in the digital landscape since 2004, where he has led digital strategy at companies including MySpace, AOL, Turn, Kraft, and Disney. Today, he is leading the world's leading social media and e-commerce group.

Daniel shares how his experience provides him with knowledge for marketing today.

Listen to some of the biggest mistakes that Daniel sees companies make initially with their online marketing. He shares some of the mistakes that big companies he worked with made that caused their demise.

Discover what Daniel thinks about how companies should be thinking about social media today and also in the future, how should that be a part of their marketing strategy?

Find out some actionable steps that Daniel would recommend in terms of marketing your company if you want to make this the best year ever.

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