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June 25, 2021

How Valuable Is Your Company? Find Out With Chris Shipferling of Global Wired Advisors

How Valuable Is Your Company? Find Out With Chris Shipferling of Global Wired Advisors

This week's guest, Chris Shipferling, is the managing partner of Global Wired Advisors, a lower middle market investment bank focused on sell side engagements.

Are you dreaming of one day selling your business and moving to Tahiti? Then there are many factors that you need to consider now. Listen as Andy and Chris discuss how to determine your company's valuation.

Building a brand vs. being a commodity. Do you know the difference? This difference is the main focus in determining a company's valuation.

In addition, this episode reveals what a business needs to do to maximize the value of their company as well as what type of businesses are more readily sellable and the options available when selling your company and finally why you should not want to sell your company yourself.

Episode Action Items:

To learn more about Chris Shipferling and Global Wired Advisors or a free valuation visit


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