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April 15, 2022

Launching A Referral Program That Actually Works With Dominick Keenan

Launching A Referral Program That Actually Works With Dominick Keenan

This episode features Dominick Keenan, the VP of Sales at ClickBank. ClickBank for over 20 years has been a trusted global partner for businesses looking to grow online.

Within this episode, Dominick discusses what makes a referral program work well including some actionable item tips you should know to help ensure you are running a successful program.

Discover the differences between affiliate and referral programs and why every established eCommerce business should implement a referral program as a way to grow their online sales.

Dominick also details how ClickBank can integrate with your website to create a referral program that will bring you new customers and increase your overall sales.

Finally, learn what type of products do and do not work well using a referral program including some of Dominick's favorite success stories.

Episode Action Items:

To find more information about Dominick or to learn more about ClickBank visit to take a free quiz to see if launching an affiliate program is viable for your company.


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