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June 4, 2021

Thinking of Someday Selling Your Business, Then You Better Have An Exit Plan With Bryan Clayton

Thinking of Someday Selling Your Business, Then You Better Have An Exit Plan With Bryan Clayton

This episode features Bryan Clayton of GreenPal, the "uber" for lawncare. A successful entrepreneur, Bryan has built not one, but two multi-million-dollar companies.

Listen as Andy and Bryan discuss what he considers essential in order to grow a multi-million-dollar business along what you need to consider if you are ever thinking about someday selling your business.

A fascinating story of how he started his business, bootstrapping the business and eventually selling for millions of dollars. 

In addition, this episode discusses ways to differentiate your business including knowing what you are selling, what problem you are solving for your customers and how to find productive employees. 

Finally, learn lessons from him selling his first business and the mistakes that you should avoid if you ever decide to sell.

Episode Action Items:

To learn more about Bryan or connect to his company visit


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