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Nov. 26, 2021

Understanding Your Customers In Order To Grow Your Business With Darshan Mehta

Understanding Your Customers In Order To Grow Your Business With Darshan Mehta

This episode features guest Darshan Mehta, the founder of, a platform that allows users to quickly extract insights from consumers throughout the world, and, an app that allows users to make instant connections and take part in engaging interactions.

Discover what insights regarding customers that Darshan believe to be important for a business to know and why it is the key to gaining an edge over your competitors.

Learn why Darshan believes that insights are the key to innovation and differentiation and how he has made running a market group possible for about the costs for a dinner for two.

No matter what you are going to get feedback from your customers. Do you want to get it sooner or later? Revealing insights is how you can identify your customers pain points and is a key to your company's growth.

Episode Action Items:

You can find more information regarding Darshan Media at or check out his book, Getting to Aha available on Amazon.


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