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Sept. 24, 2021

What Was Learned Studying A Billion Dollars of Ad Spend With Travis Chambers

What Was Learned Studying A Billion Dollars of Ad Spend With Travis Chambers

This episode features guest Travis Chambers. A chief media hacker, Travis is the Founder of Chamber Media, a growth and video agency with 100 employees that has tripled the revenue of 6 multi-million-dollar DTC companies, driven $600M in tracked revenue, managed $100M in ad spend, makes 3,000+ videos a month for ads on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and Pinterest.

Find out how it is possible to run and grow a successful marketing agency while working 4 days a week and still balancing life and work for both you and your employees.

In this episode, Travis reveals what his team learned in studying a billion dollars in ad spend. Listen as Travis explains the 7 foundational video ad types that every ad account should have and test: spokesperson/anchor, closer/dynamic ads, product demo, lifestyle, social proof, case study and unboxing. Find out what each of these video types are; why each of these video types work and how you should use them in your own marketing.

Why it is that most agencies are focused on winning awards instead of creating video ads that actually work and how this drives Travis to grow Chamber Media.

Finally, thinking of starting your own business. Learn why Travis suggests that you start by selling your time before you start selling products and how to best gain experience to be successful

Episode Action Items:

You can find more information regarding Travis Chambers by visiting his agency, Chamber Media at


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