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March 11, 2022

Why You Should Automate Your Customer Service With Amit RG

Why You Should Automate Your Customer Service With Amit RG

This episode features guest Amit RG, Founder and CEO of Richpanel, a platform helping eCommerce companies scale and integrate their customer support services.

Discover how Richpanel has modeled Amazon to bring productized customer service to their direct to customer clients.

Did you know a customer that contacts customer service is 4X more likely to become a dissatisfied customer vs a satisfied customer? Listen to discover how you can avoid creating dissatisfied customers through your customer service.

Listen as Amit shares one of his favorite success stories of how one of their clients used Richpanel to reduce agent handled contacts by 50% despite substantial growth.

Episode Action Items:

If you are a B-to-C company looking to productize your customer service, visit and you can watch videos or signup for a free trial.


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