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March 4, 2022

Customer Retention – Easy To Overlook, But You Better Not With Valentin Radu

Customer Retention – Easy To Overlook, But You Better Not With Valentin Radu

This episode features guest Valentin Radu, Founder and CEO of Omniconvert. Omniconvert is a company which is disrupting the eCommerce space on how brands should perceive growth (where the norm is 100% focus on acquisition and massive neglect on retention).

As the price of acquiring customers continues to increase, discover why the survival of a company may depend on how well they are able to retain their customer base. Radu shares his strategies based on 16 years in the eCommerce space what works when retaining customers and why many companies overlook the importance of customer retention.

Find out what percentage most companies spend on customer retention vs. customer acquisition. In addition, this episode reveals the key metrics a company should be measuring when tracking customer retention and the three pillars of customer retention (what you say, what you sell and what you do as a company).

Episode Action Items:

If you are interested in working in learning more about the Customer Value Optimization Methodology, check out Valentin's course on Make Each Click Count University - How To Use Customer Value Optimization For eCommerce Growth


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